We are mortal, but our wisdom doesn't have to be.

Leave your story to your loved ones.

We are all future ancestors

We preserve sacred stories, wisdom, and reflections for the betterment of humanity. 

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Tell us your story 

Record your story through one-on-one Interviews, self guided narrative experiences, or in family gatherings. 

Live a story worth TellingNathan Gray
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Story telling
is a breathing relationship between the past,
the present and

Your story is part of the collective story of Humanity. 

Our search is grounded in the vision that our descendants will know their ancestors. We want to pave the path for healing through self reflection and intimacy within families and communities. 



Explore  telling your story through interview, self guided narrative experiences, or family gatherings. This is our main offering to you and your human legacy.

Becoming Eternal Masterclass

Join our masterclass where we will dive into story telling and Legacy work. Inspired in the works of anthropology ad archaeology, we will go over how story telling is an ancient practice- one we need to continue. 




Our human experience podcast explore the notion of our experience, what elements we all go though in the state of being mortal. We explore this through the lease of archaeology, anthropology, psychology, spirituality and philosophy.

Our meditations are grounded in giving you a sense of connectivity and profound serenity through times of grief, loss, and mourning. 

Our community initiatives focus on recording Indigenous and local stories from all over the world.

We are all future Ancestors