Our Philosophy

Vivencia translates to the life experiences that shape who a person is and as we share this with our descendants, we create an intergenerational link.


We are all here on this earth for a purpose, to pass wisdom on to the next generations, and essentially to become ancestors.

We carry ancestral experiences, and as we intentionally pass down life lessons. The next generation can grow and improve the world around them.

Our Mission at Vivencia is to guide as many people to find meaningful ways to pass legacies to the next generation

Our Vision is to help our society pave the path to ancestry and allow our descendants to know their ancestors.

Our Story

Vivencia was created by Mariana Bandera, who is an Anthropologist & Archaeologist that has an affinity to the past, shaping who we are and who we want to be. She has a deep connection to the ceremony of death throughout all cultures and how memories are preserved. Vivencia was her way of bringing a unique take on how humans can consciously preserve lessons & history with modern tools available. 

After her grandparents introduced her to this concept when they recorded their own life stories, Mariana understood the importance and wanted to help others memorialize their loved ones. More than that she wants to bring a deeper meaning and connection that we have to our past and how we want to prepare for the end of our own lives. The process can bring comfort to anybody that cares how they will be remembered and how they will be included in the future even when they're gone.

Our organization has been creating timeless gift packages for families for years. Through expert experience in interviews and anthropological concepts, we have created a unique way to pull the most important information that can have a lasting effect on how we learn about and remember our past.



Founder & Chief of Interviews

Mariana conducts interviews and produces all content throughout the process. She is an expert in capturing the essence of each story.

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Strategy & Operations

Dylan drives Vivencia's vision forward by supporting the business components needed for the company to touch as many people's lives as possible.

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