Interview Privacy Policy

The interviewee hereby gives Vivencia Inc., the right to record audio of me in connection with the Vivencia interview Project. 

We both (Interviewer and Interviewee) also understand that the recordings and/or transcripts may be archived digitally on the company’s archive. Both parties also understand that the content of the interviews are confidential and will not be shared with anyone the interviewee is not comfortable with. 

I, the interviewee, upon consent, understand that Vivencia Inc. will use the interview section "Anthropological Questions" and "Testimonial Experience", and the information contained within, for such historical and scholarly purposeful as they see fit. 

When the transcript of the interview is produced, the Interviewee will be given a draft copy of it. The Interviewee may correct the draft transcript. Corrections will need to be returned to Vivencia within four (4) weeks to be incorporated into a final document. 

It is further understood that by payment of service that the interviewee is not restricted to using this information in any way.

For additional questions, please email