Interview Self Reflective Questions

Your Creation Story & Phases of Childhood
Session 1

Your Creation Story

 The first part of the interview includes everyone and everything you know before you were here.

Your Ancestral Roots

  • Do you know your family history? 

  • Where is your lineage rooted?

  • What do you know about your origins of your lineage? 

  • What stories do you know about your ancestors and where they came from? 

  • Do you feel connected to your ancestors? 

  • Has there been anything in your life, or the collective culture,that has made it difficult for you to learn about and connectwith your heritage?

  • If you have children, how have you connected them to their ancestral heritage?

  • What are some traditional foods, textiles, pottery, music, and practices that come from your ancestral lands that you have present? 

  • What parts of your cultural inheritance that you take with you? What parts have you or your parents rejected? 

The People that Came Before You 

  • Did you meet your Great Grandparents?

  • What stories have you heard about them?

  • What do you remember about them? 

  • Did they move to a new country? If so, why?

  • Do you know how they met? 

  • What was their field of work? 

  • Do you know what lessons they instilled in your parents and how they were brought up? 

  • Did you meet your grandparents?

  • What was your grandparent's physical appearance? ­

  • What do you remember about your grandparents? 

  • If you didn't meet them, what would you have liked to know about them? 

  • Do you know how your grandparents met? 

  • What was their field of work? 

  • Do you know what lessons they instilled in your parents and how they were brought up? 

  • What was your first memory with your parents? 

  • What is the story of your parent's lives? 

  • Do you know how your parents met? 

  • What was your parents' relationship like with each other? 

  • What do you remember growing up with your parents? 

  • What is some of the greatest lessons you learned from both of your parents? Can you retell a story? 

  • What was their field of work? 

  • What did they do for fun?

  • What is one memorable quirk they had? 

  • In what way are you similar or different from your parents?

  • Who else was a paternal figure in your childhood? 

  •  What parts of their relationship did you appreciate?

  • What did you change in your own parenting relationship? Why?


Creation Stories carry a power that connects with the deepest part of ourselves. This living mythology contains symbols, motifs, and even archetypes that speak to us on a fundamentally human level; they reverberate beyond the personal and into the collective realm. As we retell our creation stories as part of us, ageless themes and motifs emerge that will link future generations to their ancestors.

Rock Maze

Phases of Childhood

Recollection of your childhood and first memories in this world

  • Do you remember your first memory? 

  • Where did you grow up? ­ 

  • Describe the house you lived in.

  • ­Describe your hometown when you were a child.

  • What type of sensations bring back childhood memories?

  • What was your childhood world like?

  • What parts did you instill in your own children?

  • Describe the sort of food you ate. ­ 

  • Describe the types of clothes you wore. ­ 

  • Describe the games you played as a child.

  • Did you have chores? 

  • Did you like school What did you do for fun? 

  • Did you play sports or were you involved in other activities?

  • What type of music did you listen to?

  • Did you play any instruments?

  • Do any songs bring back specific memories? 

  • Did you have a nick name? 

  • Did you have a best friend? 

  • What were you interested in? 

  • What were you inspired by? 

  • What is a memory that brings you great joy about your childhood?

  • What were your curiosities as a child?

  • Did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

  • Where did you fall in sibling order in your family?

  • Any stories? Did you ever get into mischief? 

  • What relationship did you have with technology?

  • Did your family have any recipes that you remember?

  • Any that have now been passed down? 

  • What sort of things did your family celebrate? (Christmas, birthdays, etc)  ­

  • Describe a typical family Christmas/birthday and/or another appropriate family  gathering ­ describe a rite of passage or unveiling ceremony  

  • What were your family’s attitudes towards alcohol?  smoking? 

  • What was the discipline like at home?

  • What sorts of things were your parents strict about? How? Why?

  • Did you grow up in a safe home? 

  • What was the hardest lesson you had to overcome as a child? How did this experience change you?

  • What are part of your childhood experience that you wanted to instill in your own children? What parts did you want to protect them from? 

  • What is something in society that you see changing for the good that you went through growing up?

The Universal Childhood

We were all children at one point in time with curiosity about the world.

Smiling Baby

Here you will find some life-reflective questions to help the flow of your First Interview Session. 

These questions are here as a tool to guide you and to begin the self-reflective process, and bring back memories that you might want to elaborate in the interview. You do not need to write out the answers, but if you wish to take notes, for your own reference, please feel free to do so. 


One fundamental question we ask throughout the interview is: 

What lessons and stories do you want to leave your children and great-grandchildren?