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The Stories of our Elders

A Community Project

This is an initiative Vivencia has started, to record Indigenous and local stories from all over the world. We all carry deep roots and wisdom from our elders and the land we commune with that deserve to be passed down to our loved ones, to their children, and to future generations. Contact us to be nominated for this initiative! 

If you agree to be interviewed, we will ask you about your life, the legacy you want to leave behind, how you connect to your environment, and what you want for future generations. This is a unique opportunity to leave your voice for future generations and become a part of the collective story of our humanity. 


 It is important to mention that what is shared in the interview is strictly confidential. With your approval, we only request one anonymous excerpt to help grow this initiative.

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The Life Story Package

In Spanish, VIVENCIA translates to an accumulation of life experiences that shape who a person is. The type of life story interview we do is unique because we are asking you to recount the experiences and lessons that marked your life and have molded you. A fundamental question for the vivencia is what lessons, stories, and messages do you want to leave your children and future generations?

Teresa Questel- What I want for my children

Mujer Huasteca de Mexico by Diego Huerta


The Interview

The interview will be structured into three sessions, each sessions usually runs 2 hours. Interviews are conducted over Zoom unless requested otherwise.

The Vivencia will be structured chronologically through your life’s phases:


Session 1

1. The Creation story: Includes everyone and everything before you were here. What stories do you know about your ancestors? What is the story of your parents? How did your grandparents meet?

2.Phases of Childhood: Recollection of your childhood and your first memories in this world.


Session 2

3. Phases of Becoming: Adulthood, passions, important decisions, rites of passage, marriage, parenthood, the big life lessons.

4. The Story of your Environment: What is your relation to your natural environment? How has the land you commune with changed? What do you want for the environment for the future? 

Session 3

4. Phases of Being: What is your current life like? What deep wisdom do you have to pass down? What are you excited about going forward?

5. Becoming an Ancestor: How do you want to be remembered? How do you want to be celebrated?

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Phone Number: 954-871-7815

About Mariana

I am an anthropologist & archaeologist with a focus on how cultures around the world honor life & death. I have been drawn to the significance of storytelling as a means to transfer wisdom which has led me to record many life stories over the years. This was a tradition passed through my family, leaving me with priceless records of family history and first-hand accounts of family members that I will share with my children one day. It has become my mission to give this service as a way to help humans find meaningful ways to pass legacies to the next generation.